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Seating Policy

Due to the humble size of our restaurant, we established the following seating policy.  Seating is on a First Come, First Serve basis – we do not accept reservations or call ahead seating.  In the event of a wait, we will add your name to the waitlist.  We will notify you when a table is ready and hold the table for five minutes.  If you don’t claim the table within the allotted timeframe OR refused an open table, we will sit the next party on the waitlist. Because we value treating all of our guests equally, it is impossible to predict how busy any given day (or hour) will be, we adhere to these policies at all times, even when it appears to be a slow point in the day.
Largest Party Seating – 5-6 Guest Maximum 

Due to our intimate space in the dining area as well as kitchen, A party of 5-6 is the absolute max we can accommodate at the same table  Please do not ask us to make an exception for your party or reconfigure tables
  • We can only seat the large party once the entire group has arrived, we will not seat incomplete parties regardless of how many more you’re waiting on.  If the table is ready before the party is complete, we will seat other parties until such time as your party arrives.
  • Due to table layout restrictions, there may be an extended wait for large parties to allow for the appropriate tables to open up.
  • Please include infants and all children in the total number when checking in with the restaurant team member.   
  • We cannot add anyone to the table after the party is seated.